Texowave Private Limited

"We create our very own mobile application that is cherished by people across the globe." Our app has attracted a user base of over 10+ million individuals from over 160 countries.

What We Do ?

We build our own ios mobile application


We specialize in the development of mobile apps that are designed to scale seamlessly. Our approach involves a continuous cycle of dreaming, measuring, building, and iterating.


We carefully curate innovative concepts and bring them to life as dynamic products, rapidly taking them from the initial idea stage through development and into market expansion.


At present, we are actively engaged in the development of mobile products across various categories such as Productivity, Games, Health, and more. Irrespective of the category, our ultimate objective remains consistent


Who are we?

We are a Mobile app Development company based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

  • Our mission is to transform innovative ideas into practical utility apps
  • With Right mindset
  • With Right Resources
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Many reasons to choose us.

Our mission is to empower millions of individuals with technology, enabling them to enhance their productivity

We are dedicated to crafting exceptional experiences on mobile application platforms, catering to those who aspire to achieve greater levels of productivity.

Our primary objective is to eliminate any technical hurdles that our users might encounter when using industry-specific products.


Meet Our Team

Discover more about our high performing team.


Dilip Hirpara


Dilip Hirpara is our CEO and is responsible for overseeing the UI design of our mobile application.


Anil Devani


Anil Devani, our CEO, is responsible for managing the app development aspect of our company.



SEO Specialist

Graduating with a degree in Spanish, English and French, she has always loved writing.

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